Ok, so this is like my third blog I’ve tried starting and every time I start it, I forget the password or my username and I get frustrated and just ignore it. So, I’m starting again! Fresh, anew, clean slate!

About five months ago, I started working at a dermatology clinic. I can’t believe how much my attitude toward people in general has changed! There are two sides of me now: there’s Manda (the sweet, receptionist who greets patients with a cheery smile) and then there’s Mandy (the clearly annoyed and plain pissed off receptionist who has been yelled at because the patient “forgot” their insurance card). And every Monday, I wake up with this heavy lump in my stomach knowing I’m about to go to work where I am currently dealing with coworker drama, patient drama, insurance drama, money drama, pretty much every genre of drama there is.

Isn’t it amazing how much people will argue with you? I had one lady, who was bringing in her eighty year old mother for an appointment. She was a new patient and standard for us is to record and scan all the information in to our computer. To be able to do that, we need all insurance information and a photo ID. Guess what: no photo ID.


Especially as a medicare patient, I mean, seriously, its a social security number, you’d think. So I told the daughter that without an ID we couldn’t see her. And she flipped out. She even threatened me. Man, om man, the way people act! Its unbelievable to me that people are more than willing to behave like little children because they mis-read or mis-heard or plain just didn’t take the time to do what they had to do. People are so irresponsible and so willing to place the blame onto someone else.Working at medical clinic has such a long, never ending learning curve. You think one day, that you’ve finally learned how to handle a situation, and BOOM! Its pretty much the same situation with just one tiny little difference, and it completely throws you for a loop.

So, I’m going a little bit more crazy with this job but I am learning so much! As crazy, goofy, and unfiltered as I can be, working with these people and interacting with the patients that I work with, its teaching me so much. One, I am seeing how much I need to have my mind and heart focused on the One who gives me the courage to be the better person. One who doesn’t smack the woman who mutters under her breath, “I’m ready to kill her.” One who looks at the coworker who is constantly late and brings her personal drama to work and shows her only compassion. One who may see a request as riduculous and unwarranted and does it anyways for the betterment of the clinic.

I’m definitely going a little more crazy. I found these two Aflac duck pens. So to make my supervisor laugh, I stood behind a window and put on a little show.

Yeah, I’m crazy. But it takes a crazy person to stay sane in that place.

Oh and by the by, you’re an idiot to not take your insurance card with you to any appointment or even just to carry it with you AT ALL TIMES! And don’t blame me you forgot it. You’re the one who FORGOT IT!

Where am I going with this? Not really anywhere. I said I was crazy. Well, oddly crazy.


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